Exhibition ‘There will be no more sorrow’ Marekerk, Leiden, NL

 Longing for security, comfort and wholeness, giving and receiving space.
These themes are very important to me. Emotion is an essential component in my art. The desire for softness, kindness and touch is expressed in the handwriting, the skin and the shape

These ‘Circles’ form inner portraits. Like a kind of visual emotion diary. They arise from a desire to quiet the soul. An embodiment o f the desire for security, comfort and wholeness.

Gerdien (44) is married to Jan Willem van Delft and lives in Veenendaal.
They have 2 children, Juda and Hosanna. In addition to her artistic work, she is an illustrator and designer under the name Studio Rebel.

Gerdien started this series from a recovery from overwrought in 2012. There appeared to be parallels between the organic circular shape on wich she felt attracted to and her personal development, in particular the need for security.
From there she continued to work. She experiences drawing, experimenting and painting as therapeutic. The entrance to the inner world opens effortlessly as soon as the pencil touches paper.
Gerdien strives to think as little as possible about what she is doing, but to work intuitively. She has now made more than 500 circles in many sizes with various techniques and materials such as acrylic, graphite powder and colored pencil. Each individual circle is titled according to the date it was created. Like some kind of diary.

The works in this exhibition span the decade 2013 through 2023.

The universal desire to want to be safe is in line with the biblical future where we will always be with God. He will then dry our tears and there will be no more sorrow. We find our true home in God.

The exhibition in the Marekerk from May to September.

The church is open on Saturday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and on Sunday after church services.