2023 Solo Marekerk Leiden, NL | 2022/2024 Traveling Exhibition with ArsProDeo NL (24+ locations) | 2019 Sint Joris Kerk Amersfoort, NL | 2018/2019 Grote Kerk Westzaan, NL  | 2018 Bovenkerk Kampen, NL | 2017 PKN Utrecht, NL | 2016 Grote Kerk Zwolle, NL | 2016 KSI, Bad Honnef, DE 2015 Baarn, NL | 2015 KSI, Bad Honnef, DE | 2014 Arto Esperanto, Hilversum, NL | 2014 Gereformeerde Kerk, Broek op Lange Dijk, NL | 2014 Werkstation, Hilversum, NL 2013 Museum Hilversum, NL 2012 Grote Kerk Leeuwarden, NL 2011 Galerie GSA, Hilversum, NL | 2010/2012 Reizende Expositie, NL | 2009 Laurenskerk Weesp, NL | 2009 Grote- of Barbarakerk Culemborg, NL | 2008 Grote Kerk Leeuwarden, NL | 2008 Laurenskerk Weesp, NL | 2004 Galerie GSA, Hilversum, NL | 2003 Galerie GSA, Hilversum, NL

Gerdien van Delft Rebel is a Dutch visual artist based in Veenendaal, The Netherlands.


Drawing intuitively I wrap myself up in an experiment: a dance between chance and control. Giving way to the desire to create. Making the unseen visible. Joyful, hopeful, comforting, healing. Receiving and giving.



The desire for security, comfort and wholeness is central to my art. Emotion is an essential element in my work, with softness, kindness and touch expressed in my handwriting, skin and form. My approach is primarily intuitive, where I act openly and only secondarily respond to the work to develop it further.

A successful work for me is one in which emotion, personality and tactility come together. Balance and tension between chance and direction, standstill and movement are important in my artistic process. I believe that both small and large-scale works have value and that love and gentleness deserve a place.

The creative process is healing for me and necessary, even if the result does not meet my expectations. Even failed works can serve as inspiration for something new. Quotes from famous artists that I wholeheartedly endorse:

Pablo Picasso – Art wipes the dust of our daily lives from our souls. A painter paints to empty himself of his feelings and ways of seeing. Marc Chagall – When I create from my heart, almost everything works, but when I create from my head, almost nothing.


ArsProDeo, christian artists collective. ArsProDeo aims to exhibit art by Christian artists in churches and religious communities. Because art works wonders with people.


2011 Wing Award, CNV kunstenbond, audience award 2003 Zilveren Kei Prijs, (Silver Cobble Stone Award) Gooi en Omstreken