As a member of the Christian art collective ArsProDeo, I participate in the traveling exhibition ‘Light’.You can see my artwork left at the topof the collage below. The yellow circle.

We do this in collaboration with aid organization ZOA. God brings light into the darkness of people. ZOA brings light as an aid organization. The subtitle of this exhibition is therefore: “for people on the run”.

With this exhibition we draw attention to the harrowing situation of vulnerable people in the world. And at the same time we can show that there is light for them too, just like for everyone else.

Artists were inspired for this exhibition by, among other things, the Bible, their personal background and ZOA. Almost 30 works of art have been selected for LICHT, by more than 20 artists. The artworks show a diversity of techniques: paintings, objects, photography, installations, digitally processed images and textiles. Below is a small selection of the work.

The exhibition travels to a different church every month. The exhibition started in 2022 and ends in March 2024. You can find the locations on the ArsProDeo website.